Art Opening with Clase Fine Arts: Ivar Arosenius (1878-1909) 

Members have been invited to two separate events at Clase Fine Arts on Pall Mall.
Location: London
Time: June 2024
Members and invitees only

TECH TALK 9 May 2024

Sweden: From non-aligned to NATO

Speaker: Colonel Per Appelkvist, Swedish Military Attaché to the UK
Location: London
Time: 6-7.30pm
Members and invitees only

TECH TALK 23 Apr 2024

Critical Undersea Infrastructure – The New Maritime Warfare

Speaker: Chris Lade – SAAB UK
Location: London
Time: 6pm for 6.30-8pm
Members and invitees only

TECH TALK 21 Feb 2024

Power Network of the Future: The UK Distribution Market
Speaker: Stewart Dawson, Managing Director Vattenfall Networks Ltd
Location: London
Time: 5.30-8pm
Members and invitees only

TECH TALK 11 Sep 2023

Green Innovation in the Aerospace Industry

Speaker: David Morgan, COO Easyjet

David provided fascinating insights into initiatives and scenarios for the aerospace future.

Hydrogen, batteries, biofuels and its opportunities were presented and discussed!

TECH TALK 11 Apr 2023

Rare Earth Minerals – New opportunities for tech and electrification

Speaker: Darren Wilson, CEO LKAB Minerals Ltd

Location: London

Time: 5.30-8pm
Members and invitees only

TECH TALK 6 Feb 2023

UK – Sweden high tech collaboration: Future Radar Systems

Location: Saab Technologies UK, 1 Pall Mall

SIS members and invitees enjoed Prof Silander’s presentation on Radar Systems and the subsequent discussions.


SIS TECH TALK at Savile Club featured Swedish Innovation & Science Councelor Marika Amartey Khaliff.
The update on UK-Swedish science relations was discussed during an English sparkling wine tasting.
Busi-Jacobsohn’s Rose 2018 and the exquisite Blanc de noire 2018 were tasted followed by dinner.
(Image: SIS Chairman PO Emanuelsson and Malin Svahn from Saab)


We hosted our 2021-22 scholar Philip Winchester over Zoom to enlighten us about his research.

Topics of discussion:
• Why do we study fluids in the first place and what obstacles do current researchers face?
• What does Philip hope to achieve as he is coming to the end of his PhD?
• What industrial applications could result from Philip’s work?

We learnt that the complexity of fluid dynamics and its mathematics applications such as finance and software development.

TECH TALK 14 DEC  2021

City Fiction

Dr Henrik Malm, Architect and Computational Designer at FOJAB, gave a talk on how innovation is driving sustainable design. Dr Malm also gave a talk to the society in June 2017, while he was working at Foster + Partners in London. He was given support to work on his Master’s Thesis on the restoration and redesign of Sainsbury’s old meat processing factory on Bankside in central London, as our 2014 scholar.

TECH TALK 4 March 2020

Accountum hosted this seminar where the Etablera Team (accountants, solicitors, financial advisors) guided us from A to Brexit with useful pointers for Nordic companies establishing in the UK. The seminar was attended by members of SIS and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce of the UK. We then ventured out into the London evening to continue the networking.


The event kicked off with ”Negroni networking” at Megaro Hotel before Svante Stenblom in his fascinating seminar walked us through the history of satellite communications. He also covered the underlying principles and economics, and how we can expect the future of 5G communications to be truly ubiquitous, including the role of Elon Musk’s SpaceX.
Svante added 1 hour extra for Q&A followed by a delicious dinner at Megaro Eatery.


20190605 Post Brexit seminar

Members of the Anglo-Swedish Society and the Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain attended a seminar on LONDON’S POST-BREXIT ROLE FOR SWEDISH TECH FIRMS at Buck’s club.

Speaker and panel coordinator Dr. Patrik Kärrberg (UCL / Entrepreneur) was joined by Professor Jonathan Liebenau and Dr. Jonathan Dann. A three-course dinner was served after the seminar.

Tech Talk 2017

World famous architects Foster + Partners are leaders in the advanced modelling and computer programming in architectural design.  This way of working now informs almost all the practice’s projects through sophisticated simulations which inform every stage of the design process. Former SIS scholar Henrik Malm PhD illustrated the firm’s working methods by presenting some current high-profile projects to members and guests of the society on 13 June 2017.

“The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain is offering a £5000 scholarship for a young, motivated and driven Swedish engineer to study in the United Kingdom, either in industry or an academic institution.”