Emelie Torn?us


Nanotechnology Emelie is the joint 2019-20 scholar and studying for her Master?s Degree in Nanotechnology at the University of Chalmers. ?She is being suppoerted at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow during this spring semester. Nanotechnology has applications within many different fields from electronics to biosystems. On the [...]

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Matilda Schulz


Industrial Design Engineering Matilda is joint 2019-2020 scholar and is studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology which includes effective and efficient product development based on industry demand. During the education, there is a strong user focus to ensure commercially successful products, as well as societal [...]

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Joakim da Silva


Joakim was awarded the 2013-14 scholarship and was supported during his PhD on the physics of radiotherapy cancer treatments. He is now working as a consultant researcher in the field of medical technology in Stockholm.

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Bj?rn Wind


Bj?rn shared the 2011 scholarship with Mirjam Furth in support of their research studies at the University of Southampton where Bj?rn was a PhD Student in Ship-Wave Interaction. They were given a further amount in 2012.

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Mirjam Furth


Mirjam shared the 2011 scholarship with Bj?rn Wind?n in support of their research studies at the University of Southampton. They were given a further amount in 2012.

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Henrik Malm


Henrik received a scholarship in 2014 in order to work on his Master?s Thesis in Architecture, while living in London. The subject of the thesis was the restoration and redesign of Sainsbury?s old meat processing factory on Bankside in central London.

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