Naval architecture

Bj?rn Wind?n shared the 2011 scholarship with Mirjam Furth in support of their?research studies at the University of Southampton?where Bj?rn was a PhD Student in Ship-Wave Interaction. They?were given a further amount in 2012. The scholarships helped their?research budgets go further and get more out of their?time in the United Kingdom. The process also afforded them?some welcome experience in applying for funding and their?completion of their?doctorates was followed by a?successful bid for funding in post-doctorate studies in Japan.

“My PhD project was about gaining better knowledge about what factors influence the increased fuel consumption of ships due to ocean waves. I am using open source CFD to investigate what the passing of waves does to the boundary layer and the pressure distribution on a hull and how this is affected by the hull shape. I also conduct model experiments to validate the CFD and to test new theories. I developed an open source framework for coupling a Finite Volume CFD solver to an external propeller model for self propulsion modelling.” Bj?rn Wind?n