The Society was founded on the 5th March, 1924, by Counsel-General E. G. Sahlin and Baron 0. Thott. The Society was born out of a wish to offer hospitality to the large contingent of Swedish engineers who were attending the World Power Conference in 1924. There was already a considerable number of Swedish engineers working in Great Britain and many felt that it was time, if not overdue, to establish a forum for Swedish engineers. The conference provided the incentive to do so.

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Ever since, SIS has been a much appreciated focal point for both resident and visiting engineers. The society’s rules states its purpose as: To bring together the Swedish engineers in Great Britain to safeguard their common interest, and to encourage technical inter?change between Sweden and the British Commonwealth

One of the Society’s main activites are our lectures of which there are several?each year followed by dinner and discussion. The topics for the lectures through the years have covered most aspects of engineering; civil engineering, telephony, cables to optical fibres, shipping, building, paper and pulp, aviation, cars, world economy, different aspects on war and increasingly telecommunication and computers. But it does not stop there as many obviously wish to acquire the shine of the engineer’s highly respected profession. Thus, we have inter alia: business-, social-, language- and genetic engineering.

Right from the start SIS put money aside for a Scholarship Fund with the aim to provide opportunities for Swedish engineers to study in the UK. Recently, the fund has been able to support students from Chalmers in Gothenburg and young assistants at the Swedish Office of Science.

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