2019-20 SCHOLARS

Emelie Tornéus and Matilda Schulz

Emelie Tornéus and Matilda Schulz

The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain has awarded Miss Emilie Torneús and Miss Matilda Schulz the 2019-20 scholarship for their Masters´ Degree studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and Loughborough University respectively. The scholarship’s objective is to promote a better understanding of British technical and industrial conditions amongst Swedish engineers. To secure this object it provides opportunities for young Swedish engineers to visit and study in the United Kingdom.

Students are invited to apply for the 2021 Scholarship, which will be £5000 via the SCHOLARSHIPS PAGE.

TECH TALK 04/03/2020

SE -UK bridge

Establishing a Tech Company in the UK –
Legal & Accounting Guidance?

Patrik K?rrberg (UCL) moderated a lively TechTalk at Sweden House on Wednesday, 4th March 2020. ?Josefin L?nnborg, Michael Lawrence, Johan Auren, Christian Bj?rnram of Etablera.co.uk?spoke and there were lively discussions.

Team Etablera

The talk was followed by refreshments and informal networking.



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The Society has for a long time awarded scholarships with the intention of making it possible for Swedish engineers to visit the UK and study at British technology institutions.


The society?s rules states its purpose as: To bring together the Swedish engineers in Great Britain to safeguard their common interest, and to encourage technical inter?change between Sweden and the British Commonwealth. READ MORE


World famous architects Foster + Partners are?leaders in the advanced modelling and computer programming in architectural design. ?This way of working now informs almost all the practice?s projects through sophisticated simulations which inform every stage of the design process. Former SIS?scholar Henrik Malm PhD illustrated the firm’s?working methods by presenting some current high-profile projects to members and guests of the society on 13 June 2017.


The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain was formed in 1924 by a group of Swedish engineers whose immediate objective was to create an organisation to receive the Swedish delegation to the World Power Conference held in London that year…


Any person of good repute, being of Swedish nationality or ancestry and having an interest in technical matters, is eligible for member?ship. READ MORE


20190605 Post Brexit seminar

Members of the Anglo-Swedish Society and the Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain attended a seminar on LONDON?S post-Brexit ROLE FOR SWEDISH TECH FIRMS at Buck’s club.

Speaker and panel coordinator Dr. Patrik K?rrberg (UCL / Entrepreneur) was joined by Professor Jonathan Liebenau and?Dr. Jonathan Dann. A three-course dinner was served after the seminar.

2018-19 SCHOLAR

The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain has awarded Mr. Gustav Jonsson the 2018 scholarship for him to continue his work at Imperial College London (ICL) to further promote a fruitful collaboration in academic research between Great Britain and Sweden. The scholarship will allow Gustav to continue working on the project while applying for Ph.D. funding at ICL.

A cheque, certificate and commemorative vase was presented by the Swedish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H E Torbj?rn Sohlstr?m, in the library of his official residence.?Learn more via the?SCHOLARSHIPS PAGE.


Students are invited to apply for the 2020 Scholarship, which will be ?5000. The deadline is 17 April 2020.

Applications should be sent in English or Swedish to the Chairman:?info@swedishengineers.org.uk

Learn more via the?SCHOLARSHIPS PAGE.

“The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain is offering a ?5000 scholarship for a young, motivated and driven Swedish engineer to study in the United Kingdom, either in industry or an academic institution.”