2018 Scholarship

The scholarship for 2018 is £5000

The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain is offering a unique scholarship opportunity for a young, motivated and driven Swedish engineer currently studying in the United Kingdom, either in industry or an academic institution.

The Society has for a long time awarded scholarships with the intention of making it possible for Swedish engineers to visit the UK and study at British technology institutions. The scholarship is primarily intended for students who have recently graduated from a Swedish higher technical education and are interested in international technology development, management and marketing.


The promotion of a better understanding of British technical and industrial conditions amongst Swedish engineers. To secure this object it is proposed to afford opportunities for young Swedish engineers to visit the United Kingdom and to study at first hand British engineering enterprise, and industrial works and Institutions.


Scholarships to young Swedish engineers shall be granted out of the annual yield of the investments, the amount granted in each case to be paid in such instalments as the administrative body may decide. The Scholarship when granted may, if not used within 12 months, be withdrawn.

The Scholar shall, before the final instalment is paid, submit a report on the experience gained during the time he made use of the Scholarship.

The S.I.S. has the copyright of such report.

How to Apply

Applications should be sent in English or Swedish to the Chairman:

Please include a cover letter, CV, the name of the university/ institution you are/ will be affiliated with and the nature of your proposed course of research/study.