2024 Scholarship

The application deadline is 30 June 2024.
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The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain is offering a unique scholarship opportunity for a young, motivated and driven Swedish engineer currently studying in the United Kingdom, either in industry or an academic institution.

The Society has for a long time awarded scholarships with the intention of making it possible for Swedish engineers to visit the UK and study at British technology institutions. The scholarship is primarily intended for students who have recently graduated from a Swedish higher technical education and are interested in international technology development, management and marketing.

2023 Scholarship – Oliver Belfiore

Oliver studies Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University and has a particular interest in race car vehicle dynamics.

Oliver pursued his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Lund Technical University (LTH). His thesis topic investigated the impact of varying passive components on the stability of a Formula Student race car. He has previous valuable experience as a trackside engineer for Autolounge Racing, FHRacing, and in various roles within the Lund Formula Student team. With the support of the SIS scholarship he hopes to contribute meaningful innovative solutions to pressing challenges in motorsport engineering.

2022 Scholarship – Eleonora Svanberg

Eleonoras forskningskarriär började redan på gymnasiet, då hon fick praktisera vid partikelfysiklaboratorium CERN i Schweiz. Efter studenten började hon sina fysikstudier vid Stockholms universitet. Där föddes hennes kärlek för de matematiska verktygen som används inom fysiken. Med enastående akademiska resultat började hon bedriva matematisk forskning på astrofysikaliska vågor, något som ledde till hennes första vetenskapliga publikation. Till hösten påbörjar hon sina masterstudier i tillämpad matematik vid University of Cambridge i England, där flertalet inflytelserika fysiker som Sir Isaac Newton och Sir Roger Penrose har studerat. Utöver studierna är Eleonora en stark röst för att få unga kvinnor att ta klivet in i den, historiskt sett, mansdominerande matematiska världen. Detta syns framför allt i hennes ideella engagemang där hon som 17-åring grundade organisationen Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). För detta arbete tog hon år 2021 emot kung Carl XVI Gustafs medalj Kompassrosen.

2021 Scholarships – Matilda Mahlberg + Philip Winchester

The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain has awarded Mr. Philip Winchester and Miss Matilda Mahlberg the 2021 scholarship for their studies at the University of Oxford and the Durham University respectively.

Mr. Philip Winchester will continue his DPhil studies in Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford. Philip studies fluid mechanics with applications in geoscience. In particular, his studies focus on layers of fluids which are heated from below and cooled from the top, which has applications in atmospheric and oceanic convection, metal production processes and in the Earth’s mantle and outer core. Philips’s research is in collaboration with Prof. Peter Howell and Dr. Vassilios Dallas and utilizes theoretical methods and statistical analysis of large data sets from state‑of‑the‑art numerical simulations performed on supercomputers. Philips’s research aims to shed light on how to prevent destructive zonal flows in production processes as well as advance theoretical and numerical methods used to study a vast array of physical systems, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.

Matilda Mahlberg has done her bachelor’s degree at the University of Linköping in design and product development. She is furthering her studies with a master’s in advanced mechanical engineering at Durham university. The post graduate education has modules with topics such as turbomachinery design, non-linear stress analysis, fluid mechanics, contact and friction. At the end of the year, she will do a master thesis on a chosen topic in her research. In addition to Matilda’s academic accomplishments, she is also an elite rugby player in Sweden, and looks forwards to participating in the universities top league rugby program and bringing back newfound skill and experience to the national team in Sweden.

2020 Scholarship – Jabob Mökander

Jakob Mökander the 2020 scholarship for the continuation of his studies at the Internet Institute, University of Oxford and to further promote a fruitful collaboration in academic research between Great Britain and Sweden. The scholarship will allow Jakob to undertake the course Doctor of Philosophy in Information, Communication and Social Science. Having experienced first-hand how artificial intelligence transforms businesses and communities, Jakob grew ever more interested in the ethical challenges associated with automation. The working title of his PhD thesis is ‘Ethical Auditing of Autonomous Decision making Systems in Industrial Applications’. The research will take place in the intersection between technical innovation and organisational management and control. The aim is to develop standards and tools to enable ‘auditing of AI’ at a European level.

2019 Scholarships – Matilda Schultz + Emelie Tornéus

Miss Emilie Torne?s and Miss Matilda Schulz the 2019-20 scholarship for their Masters? Degree studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and Loughborough University respectively.

Emelie is studying for a Masters Degree in Nanotechnology at the University of Chalmers. As part of the scholarship program she will spend the spring semester 2020 furthering her education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Nanotechnology has applications within many different fields from electronics to biosystems. On the nanoscale molecules and atoms are in focus and research often takes place on the borders between Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Matilda is studying for a Masters Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. As part of the scholarship program she will spent the spring semester 2020 furthering her education at Loughborough University. Her field of study places a strong focus on ensuring efficient product development based on industry demand commercially successful products, as well as societal demands for a transition towards a more sustainable society. The students work closely with users and learn how to involve them in the design process.

2018 Scholarship – Gustav Jonsson

The Society of Swedish Engineers in Great Britain has awarded Mr. Gustav Jonsson the 2018 scholarship for him to continue his work at Imperial College London (ICL) to further promote a fruitful collaboration in academic research between Great Britain and Sweden. The scholarship will allow Gustav to continue working on the project while applying for Ph.D. funding at ICL.

Gustav performed his master?s thesis in the laboratory of Dr. Nadia Guerra at ICL co-supervised by Professor Bj?rn ?nfelt from KTH. Throughout the project, a chip with micro-scale wells (developed by Prof. ?nfelt) allowing separation of individual immune cells with individual tumour cells was implemented and experimentally validated at ICL.

Implementation of the microwell chip allowed a special type of immune cell, natural killer (NK) cells, to be studied at single-cell resolution. NK cells are one of the key players in anti-cancer immunity and act as one of the first responders to malignant tumour growth. Through the utilisation of the chip, it was found that murine NK cells can be divided into multiple heterogenous sub-populations based on their capacity to kill tumour cells, as demonstrated by Prof. ?nfelt with human NK cells. These sub-populations varied from NK cells that were uncapable of killing tumour cells to those that
could kill multiple tumour cells.

The aim of Gustav?s future research is to further study these sub-populations of NK cells to identify the underlying mechanisms behind NK cell heterogeneity and anti-tumour capability. A steam-lined and effective way of identifying and quantifying NK cells of a high killing capacity would not only be interesting from a basic research perspective, but also a therapeutic perspective in which a patient?s intrinsic ability to fight cancer can be assessed.


The promotion of a better understanding of British technical and industrial conditions amongst Swedish engineers. To secure this object it is proposed to afford opportunities for young Swedish engineers to visit the United Kingdom and to study at first hand British engineering enterprise, and industrial works and Institutions.


Scholarships to young Swedish engineers shall be granted out of the annual yield of the investments, the amount granted in each case to be paid in such instalments as the administrative body may decide. The Scholarship when granted may, if not used within 12 months, be withdrawn.

The Scholar shall, before the final instalment is paid, submit a report on the experience gained during the time they made use of the Scholarship.

The S.I.S. has the copyright of such report.

How to Apply

Applications should be sent in English or Swedish to the Chairman:

Please include a cover letter, CV, the name of the university/ institution you are/ will be affiliated with and the nature of your proposed course of research/study.